Thursday, March 15, 2012

not quite perfume...

The boys get so sweaty. Colin wakes up with damp, sweaty hair from his nap. Gavin plays outside for all of 3 minutes and he's dripping. In just a few years, that sweaty smell is going to become a stinky nastiness. I know this. So, for now, I am relishing the sweet smell of sweaty little boys.

Colin has always been snuggly. He'll run up - "Mommy, can I sit in your lap?" - during just about any activity. Just now, he climbed into my lap and happily sat there, playing with his fire truck, while I sniffed his sweaty little head. He's still soft and little-boyish, with those cheeks I still want to nom on. But he's thinning out as he gets taller.

Gavin's not as much of a snuggle bug as Colin, or he wasn't when he was littler, but he does enjoy a good cuddle and will ask "wanna snuggle?" whenever there's a chance (and no little brother around to get in the way) on the couch. He's getting to be all lines and angles as he gets bigger and more big-boyish, so it can be hard to really cuddle him, but I do my best to hold him as tight as I can.

It's so weird, I know, but I could sniff my little boys all day long. Well, except for when they emit certain smells, which is all too often, but that's an entirely different post......

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